Nov 13 2012

QR Code of Wechat

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I got to know QR code in 2009, the original idea is that QR code is just the extension of the barcode. QR code contains more information and is more beautiful. With the blooming of Mobile Internet, QR code is being used more.

In the China Internet conference 2012, Pony Ma CEO of Tencent said: Tencent has done many Location Based Services related services based on Mobile QQ and Wechat. The interface of LBS service was called 700 times per day, and that is very typical O2O services, during which QR code is the key bridge between online and offline. Wechat is the most important product on mobile, and it did use QR code a lot and successfully.

Add friend – “Scan it”: every Wechat user owns a QR code business card. It was originally black and white. But now, it is colorful and very cute. Users can scan a QR code and it will link to another user’s home page, and you can add as a friend and start communicating. Thus avoiding the process of searching, doing it very convenient.

Public account: like personal account, it can be found by scanning QR code. But it is different, public account is one-to-many. Public account can sign in on PC directly, and push news or information to fans for free. Currently, it is used more by media.

Cooperation with physical shops: Wechat keeps attracting more physical shops to the platform. In many shops, if customers scan the QR code they will get a coupon or become VIP of the shop. In this way, the shop can communicate with customers and get feedback from them. If the shop is planning to have a campaign, Wechat is a free and effective way to promote it.

Mobile payment: Tenpay, a third party payment owned by Tencent, has started the cooperation with Wechat. Tenpay will develop several ways of payment to support the function of Wechat, such as Scan, to realize integration online payment and offline business.

Tencent is building a platform that will bridge the online and offline, and which makes the future of Mobile Internet very imaginative.

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