Affordable Luxury Network (ALN) is China’s first private online community focusing on luxury travel in the Greater China region. ALN was founded in 2010 by three Chinese-American entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley, and is headquartered in Shanghai’s prestigious Jing’an District. Instead of the traditional date and destination search-based model, ALN provides recommendation, inspiration, and discovery to its members to help them answer the question, “Where should I go next?” ALN partners with top hospitality brands to create bespoke promotion campaigns targeting the mass affluent Chinese travelers. ALN’s number of concurrent promotions is limited to ensure the quality of the deals and to guarantee maximum exposure.


ZipClip ( Merged by GoEzMobile )  is the world’s best way for consumers to tag web content for mobile use. It tags images, photos, videos, animations, graphics, thumbnails, avatars, text and documents on any web site anywhere on the web. ZipClip is ingeniously effortless and instantaneous. All the steps that are required from the consumer for pointing, selecting, tagging, clipping, and sending the web content to the mobile phone is zipped by ZipClip into a single right-click of the mouse as the consumer browses the web from their computer. Today ZipClip works on any web site anywhere on the web. Today anyone can use ZipClip on any web site. As a service platform ZipClip allows users to exchange any type of files with their friends. ZipClip has developed a “mobile app” fully synchronized with the ZipClip web account. Once a user has its mobile ZipClip application installed in his cell phone, anything sent to the web account by a ZipClip member can be seen or heard immediately in the users’ cell phone. Additionally, ZipClip has created other tools to make user accounts very efficient and easy to use. In particular, ZipClip has created a web browser plugin. The plugin allows users to grab any content from the web with the use of the mouse right click and send it immediately to any friend cell phone.


Xpfood is an online food delivery service providing hungry patrons hundreds of restaurants at their fingertips. Popular with white-collar workers and students, Xpfood prides itself on providing healthy and fresh food options.Xpfood itself pay a lot attention to customer experience, its complete feedback system guarantees every order of shop owners can be instantly dealt.


  Vipstore is a fashion and lifestyle e-commerce private club in China selling great brands at discount prices. Following a proven business model in Europe and the US, being Vente Privee it´s maximum representative and Buyvip (also invested by DaD) another good example. Through Vipstore, brands can sell their overstocks without prejudicing the brand image as it is made in a high-level fashionable and private way. The products are sold to a private community of real buyers, building brands awareness to a real community of buyers and in some cases influencers. The strong an experienced leading team as well as the growing demand for real products of top class brands among the Chinese population, will help this company to be a great success in China.      


  Qiumi is a leading online community for Chinese football fans. Providing them the perfect platform to communicate with other football fans, play online interactive games, check equipment reviews, get shopping guidance, read news, join offline activities and other values-added services. As truly football fans, Qiumi team have been tired with the current situation that Chinese football fans are still using traditional BBS and message boards for communication, which proves as an ineffective way to interact with each other. Thus, the founding team decided to start a vertical SNS website dedicated to football fans. Since the launch of the website in april 2009, Li Zhou and his team have illustrated great skills in running a SNS website. In 4 years, they would like to be number one football community in China.


Newcogs is the first company in China to offer integrated services that encompass both online research and online advertising. While online advertising and market research keep  merging, customers are wasting time, money, and effort by being unable to manage these two core online marketing functions together efficiently. Newcogs unified platform is the solution for that problem and creates business opportunities for customers by combining online market research tools with online advertising services. So that, Newcogs main products are market research panels and project services as well as targeted, complementary advertising inventory and campaign and management. Implementing this unique solution has been possible trough an experienced team, as the management of the Company has over 10 years experience in senior management roles at multinationals and are some of the pioneers of the online market research industry in China.


  Petizens is a social networking site for pet owners where they can show off their pets in a new unique way; customizable pages with drag&drop. Petizens is the first social networking site that allows users to drag and drop profile panels (such as blog, guestbook or photos) to any spot they desire on their individual profile pages. This makes it easy for users to build their profile page, thus broadening our demographic, from teens to retirees. Petizens is today generating a revenue from sale of virtual currencies and memberships. On top of that, Petizens is a true social network for pet owners allowing them to share experiences, information and have fun in an "only pets" environment.


51Intern is a is a social networking site designed for university students and fresh graduates, where they can get online professional career guidance and find interesting professional contents. 51intern.com provides a platform for new job seekers to comment on their job searching progress, share their interview experience even comment on a company’s hiring procedures. Additionally, 51intern.com offers fresh grads a competitive edge in seeking employment by giving them a series of pre-employment soft skill training, with guaranteed internship placement for them to gain real-life corporate experience, instead of being a simple job search Internet site. With a sound management team in place and an expanding market in need 51intern.com will provide fresh graduates with the opportunities they need in order to pursuit their future dream career.


Kuukie is an online digital printing service that allows the user to have their customized products or to companies to do creative promotions. The international kuukie management team has created a new concept of social marketing and social advertising. The global market for digital printing is developing fast, kuukie products are being used by creative companies, communities, freelancers and individuals to SHARE with their business partners, potential customers, family and friends, the examples of their work, personal moments, promotion campaigns and many more to come as kuukie cards spread worldwide!


Kukaki is a shopping guide platform for constructional materials based on the Internet . With a team of strong construction background and vast experience in start-ups, the platform Kukaki created facilitates a lot people's life. Construction business is growing fast in China. Thus, the future of constructional materials business looks extremely promising. The products Kukaki have now provides benefits to both customers and decoration designers. For the customers, they can get constructional materials shopping guide and buy the products from the platform, and the designers can realize direct communication with customers and achieve profits.