What do we offer

DaD Asia’s objective is to help entrepreneurs push their businesses onto the next stage. Depending on which stage the project is in, this may mean building a prototype, testing the business model, or breaking even.

In order to achieve this objective, DaD Asia provides entrepreneurs the necessary funds, but what makes us unique is that we also provide support in key areas.

DaD Support starts right when the project evaluation phase begins. We will ask the entrepreneurs to prepare documents (e.g. an executive summary, a financial forecast) that will allow us to evaluate your project. If they are not familiar with such documents, then we will help them prepare the documents. We also give relevant and constant feedback to improve on their documentation.

Right after we accept your project, we will organize a kick-off meeting with the founding team to better understand their project’s vision, delineate a plan with realistic goals, and identify areas in which we can help them. We aim to organize their ideas into a more explicit plan.

We will then regularly meet with the management team, depending on their needs. This continuous support is divided in three areas:

Management: Setting the right KPIs and monitoring them is important. For those entrepreneurs that are facing specific problems, we can help them with efficient management systems. DaD is not directly involved operationally but can give advice to those who need it.

Product:  Building a successful product takes time and resources, but having a development strategy may not only save resources, but also create a better product for their users. We help the founding team create this development strategy.

Marketing: We promote efficient management of different channels in order to reach customers. Reducing the user acquisition costs is critical in a market where the ARPU tends to be very low. We also help entrepreneurs to design and execute a PR campaign to attract users, partners, or customers via traditional media, social media, etc.

Once the project has achieved its milestones, we can help entrepreneurs find its initial customers and/or partners to raise funds with DaD Asia’s network of contacts.

Additionally, DaD Asia’s ecosystem provides a good environment for the development of new ventures. We encourage cooperation amongst different companies in giving advice (e.g. sharing successful methods) and in creating joint actions (e.g. joint marketing campaigns).